Borough of Shiloh


This rural Cumberland County community was established in the late 1600's when several Seventh Day Baptist families purchased tracts of land in the area now known as Shiloh.  Originally known as Cohansey Corners, this village was divided and became part of two townships when the New Jersey General Assembly created Cumberland County in 1748. Half was in Stow Creek and half in Hopewell.

In 1837, to settle a tie on the Board of Freeholders as to whether to move the county seat from Bridgeton to Millville, a new municipality called Columbia Township was formed in Shiloh. The new Columbia Freeholder voted to keep the county seat in Bridgeton and the community of Shiloh was again split into Hopewell and Stow Creek.

CDC holds historic meeting in Shiloh in 1999 as Congressman Frank LoBiondo (center) announces Federal EDA grant for economic development for the region including Shiloh.

In 1929, finally, the Borough of Shiloh was incorporated as an independent municipality in Cumberland County, recognizing its historical boundaries and village center.


Borough of Shiloh

P.O. Box 349

Shiloh, NJ 08353


Phone: 856-455-3054


Use This Number to Contact Any of the Borough Officials.



Mayor and Borough Council


Harold Davis


President of Council

Dallas Bruso

Chairs Street & Roads Committee

Chairs Buildings Committee

Serves on Trash and Recycling Committee

Council Member

Edwin Harris

Chairs Finance Committee

Serves on Trash and Recycling Committee

Council Member


Chairs Police and Fire Committee

Serves on Buildings Committee

Council Member

Ron Campbell

Chairs Clean Committees Committee

Chairs Trash and Recycling Committee

Council Member Oliver Dickinson Serves on Finance Committee
Council Member Charles Bender Serves on Streets and Roads Committee
Council Member Everett Newkirk Serves on Trash and Recycling Committee


Other Municipal Officials


Ron Campbell



Ron Campbell


Tax Collector

Elizabeth Wallender


Tax Assessor

Lois Mazza


Chief Financial Officer

Mrs. Wilford

Solicitor Richard McCarthy  
Engineer Michael Fralinger  
Janitor Wayne Yoeo